Job Market on High For 2018 in New Zealand

It looks set to be a promising year for job seekers, with the employment market in good health heading into the new year.More than 65,000 job vacancies are on its platform, the number of new job vacancies listings in the country increased by 16.4 percent compared to the same time last year.

Improve your chances of finding a job 

Job seekers can increase their chances of getting work by following the latest advancement in the job market and taking applicable actions:

  • Shift to an area having high employment growth, such as Canterbury or Auckland.
  • Pursuing their education or doing training to improve their skills.
  • Selecting a career with more employment prospects, such as one of those on Immigration New Zealand’s Skill Shortage Lists.

More employment growth is still expected in the construction & utility industries, along with the hospitality, wholesale & retail trade and business service industries.Growth in demand for employment in highly skilled professionals mostly managers and professionals will be higher than overall employment growth.


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“There’s a really strong demand for people with experience in supervisory and management roles across distribution centers and logistics bases. Immigrants having professional skills in Manufacturing, transport, and logistics are also in high demand, with a large number of job opportunities in the sector up 38 percent on this time last year.


Employers cannot specifically target migrants to look for employees. However, some are struggling to find the right staff and talent within New Zealand, so your experience and skills may be very valuable and bridge the skill shortage gap.

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