Canada Immigration

Canada is well recognized for friendliness, welcoming locals and rich cultural background. Being an underpopulated country, it currently seeks immigrants to come take up certain roles. If you want to migrate to Canada from Dubai or other parts of the world, you can be sure of a better quality of life, low unemployment rates and a chance at becoming a full Canadian citizen in just a space of three years. From big cities that are rich in history and culture to smaller towns that are set in the mountains, Canada offers something to everyone and at Sync Visas, we will be glad to help anyone who is looking at moving from Dubai to Canada, with a thorough expertise required to navigate the different visas available.

Skill Shortage
Being a vast country with a population of a little over 35 million, Canada depends on its skilled workers to keep the economy running. This is the reason why immigrants with skills are encouraged to migrate. This is actually the best time to move, as there are still many skilled workers’ shortages. There is a huge number of Canada visa available including Canada work visa, Canada Skilled migrant visa, Canada student visa, Canada investor visa etc. and our team at Sync visas offer to help you find the right kind of visa, one that you are eligible for.

Unlike many countries with a list of the kinds of occupations they want skilled people to apply for, Canada accepts everyone from all professions, as long as you have skill. If you want to migrate to Canada from Dubai and have gotten a decent educational background plus a good work experience, then you are free to submit your Canada visa application for the Canada Skilled migrant visa, regardless of what you do for a living.

There are basically two official languages in Canada, English and French. Most residents are fluent in these two languages. If you have a considerable level of fluency in French and you are looking to migrate to Canada from Dubai, then you will have better options in Provinces like Quebec via the Quebec Skilled worker program which gives you access to one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Points System
Canada uses a point system to assess skilled migrants, just like a handful of other countries who apply for visas. These points, which are based on qualifications, age, employment experience, financial capability etc, form a part of the Canada Visa requirements to successfully migrate to Canada.

The number of points is based on factors such as:

Employment experience
Whether you have family already in Canada
Whether you have a job lined up for your arrival

It’s a good idea to get a free assessment through us before you apply for visas, as you’ll be able to work out what you’re eligible for.

Life In Canada
Canada is a very attractive country for anyone thinking of working abroad, as the government of Canada look after their citizen pretty well. Their healthcare system is very good and their education system is highly effective. The moment your children become Canadian citizens, they get to enjoy cheap university fees with many world-class colleges to select from. These reasons are just a few of the reasons why migrating to Canada from Dubai would be a perfect choice for families and why trying to get full citizenship will be worth it.

Here at Sync visas, we assist people to get the visas they require to migrate abroad to enjoy better life quality. Anyone who is moving to Canada from Dubai will often go through the long process of obtaining a visa but we can expedite the process and make it shorter and smoother with all options employed as we get you set for your new country. Sync Visas Immigration Consultants in Dubai, Qatar and Kuwait are Ready to help you to Obtaining Canada Visa.
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