Customer Complaints

Going to Canada is one of my dreams that come true.But when I came here, I realised that country as a whole gets too freakin’ cold in the winter,seriously its pretty bad.
-Ronan Churchill

I have been in USA since 9 months as the United States has an abundance of natural resources, such as minerals and fertile soils.A major disadvantage of the American economic system is the quality of health and welfare provided. This is especially tough for low-income earners.
-Steffan Davin

Malaysia is very good destination for tourists.But For living there it is very expensive. Last year I came to Malaysia and here I came to know that the cost of living is high compared to even though at some city like Kuala Lumpur. Anything that isn’t made in Malaysia will be very expensive . This includes vital items such as cars.
-Om Prakash Mehra

Uk is most populous metropolis, as well as home to the British royal family.The cost of running a car is big in the London generally, but huge in UK, especially if you want to enter the city center. Compared to somewhere like the USA, gas/petrol prices are also significantly larger.


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