Denmark Immigration Visa

Permanent Residence Visa For Denmark

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The Permanent Residence visa from Denmark allows you to migrate to Denmark from Dubai, live and work without restrictions within the Denmark airspace. All who are to be eligible for this visa must have enough points accrued from Educational background, work experience, age, language proficiency and occupation. There are many other visas to Denmark but grants the holder access to citizenship after a couple of years of living in Denmark.

Denmark has certain skills that are required and these skills are listed in the Positive List. People with occupations on the PL get more points than people who are applying with any other skill. Your skill, your age, education, work experience and language abilities are very important. Once an applicant has the right number of points, they are free to proceed to submit their credentials and Denmark visa application for final assessment.

Danish Green Card Permanent Residence Visa
The Danish Green Card will allow you to live, work and migrate to Denmark. Eligibility for Permanent Residence is based on 5 factors only, your age, occupation, work experience, education and English Language ability. The great news is that this visa leads to Danish Citizenship.

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