Negative Reviews

Experiencing a new culture is fun and exciting! Every little thing, like paprika chips and traffic lights seems strangely enticing and exotic. I’ve been in Germany about 8 months now.But Germans aren’t known to be the most outgoing people, so crazy nights out can be rare and easy friendships even rarer.
-Julia Luca

Being in Germany! People always think it’s amazing how many countries I’ve been to, but travelling around germany is the easiest thing ever.In Germany, Germans speak German, not English by default. They will be able to speak English, but not all.You might feel difficulties to talk.
Asim Abbas

I was very happy when I got my canadian visa.But now due to my health issues,I am very frustated as much of the country is very cold in the winter. Except the Vancouver area, the rest of us put up with 4–5 months of very cold weather, shovelling snowy driveways, dealing with nasty winter roads and high heating bills in the winter.
-Aqeeb Ridhaa

Australia has long been a welcoming country for expats wanting to forge a new life abroad.In order to maintain a high level of public service delivery and social welfare, taxes are high in Australia. The country’s world-class universal healthcare system ensures your treatments are paid for via these taxes.
-Lia Mathias


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